About Along with Annika

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About Along with Annika

For everyone who longs for adventure, clear starry skies and an occasional coconut. For the person who laughs with the population, instead of at them. For the ones who really want to understand a country. For backpack enthusiasts like me.

Hi travel-silly-billy’s,  

or “reisgekkies” as I call you in Dutch,

I am Annika, a blonde-hairs-dancing-in-the-wind type of Dutchie who when she was 18 years old exchanged the flat landscape of the Netherlands for the rolling hills of Italy to become an Au Pair there for a year. From that moment on I have become one of those slightly annoying people who says they live and breath travel – you know the type. And so I worked as a travel host in Spain and Turkey, crossed the North Atlantic Ocean to study Law in Canada, called the royalist country of Thailand my home for six months while working at the Dutch Embassy and more than occasionally throw on my backpack to head into the wide world to chase my dreams.

Dreams that are chased during studies and jobs or in between them. Because I am not a full-time traveler. I am a traveler who makes the most out of the vacation days she gets, tries to squeeze in as many trips as possible and sometimes just quits her job a – a job that entails being a reporter for Dutch television.  I just have to with so much of the world to discover. Because the world is huge. Huge enough to share and so enormous that sometimes you simply don’t know where to start. And thus Along with Annika came to life. Out of a passion for travels and the need to make that big, big globe the tiniest more accessible for everyone who wants to make the journey. Whether you are planning a trip, want to be inspired or simply just want to dream away… this is the place for you.

The place where I’ll share head-over-heels kind of love for countries and mind-boggling adventures. Tips and tricks for an even more awesome stay. And not just the highs but also the lows of my travels. Because an honest picture is the best picture you can get. A picture that also involves human rights issues – because violations do not only occur in counties where we travelers do not set foot in, but it happens in the counties where we are all prancing around with our backpacks filled with joy and not a care in the world. And sometimes a care is needed.

So read, travel and dance on, because all of this is shared with the purpose to make your own travels even more beautiful and meaningful than they already are – and secretly also because it makes my head spin from joy. Travel along…



Pssssst… here is a glimpse of what I do in the Netherlands: